This past Thursday and Friday, Stumpy and his Texans, for their age group, won the State Senior Softball, Championship for the third straight time! They beat the Texas Greyhounds two straight to win the laurels.
The Texans have a tradition (folks from Texas have a lot of traditions) that after each game, our shortstop’s wife, Betty Holland, hands out a fresh banana to each one of us. After three or four games in one day, this helps to restore our potassium, keeps us from getting cramps and is quite filling. It really works too! We had Betty pose with us for a team picture and we’re all smiling showing off our bananas and championship trophy!

In the first game against the Greyhounds, Stumpy came to bat in the 6th inning with the score tied 12-12 and the bases loaded. To ice the game for The Texans, he delivered a base clearing triple to the wall in center field. A base hit drove him in giving The Texans a 16-12 win.

In the second game, in the bottom of the 7th, The Texans began the inning behind 12-7. They rallied to tie the game and Stumpy once again came up with the winning run on second, but he was walked on four pitches. The next batter, Ed Bailey delivered a hit driving in the winning run, giving the Texans their “3peat” State Championship.

In this picture, Stumpy is all smiles after he passed through the victory arch (another tradition) made by The Texans’ wives. In the background, Betty can be seen passing out the bananas.