More Outdoors Pictures, December 30, 2013

Tim Albee came over on the December 20th and shot a nice buck.  The buck, pictured, had a nice spread and almost had dual brow tines.  He turned around in MaMaw’s stand and shot the buck out of the rear window, the one we keep closed so we wont stand out and cast a shadow.

Randy was here for Christmas and hunted hard with his kids almost the entire time.  Rebekah missed a doe (again) on an afternoon hunt so luck wasn’t with her.  Wesley didn’t hunt since he got a doe the week before.

An interesting thing was Rebekah and Mikayla entering the Scotty McCurry, (I don’t know if it’s his name or not, but I should since he was the American Idol Contest winner last year) contest.  The contest was on Facebook or something like that.  They sang a “silly” country song and acted real “country”.  The funny thing was that they won the contest and Rebekah and Mikayla will get 2 tickets to his show in Dallas in the spring!

Wesley did get to go duck hunting when he went back to Paris, Texas not France.  He said that they killed 4 canvasbacks, 2 mallards and the rest was a mixture of gadwalls and widgeons.  He and his friend went and they filled out their limits.  Also, there are 2 decoys in the picture of the bag I hope they didn’t shoot them too!

Sean Gets His Buck

Hunting with Sean, my grandson who you’ve met before in several of my posts, in MaMaw’s blind, we climbed up into it and hadn’t waited 15 minutes, when a big 7 pointer walked up behind the feeder.  Sean was a little nervous and surprised that the buck had just walked up.  He already had the .243 stuck outside the window, as he moved the rifle slightly and waited and waited and waited until the buck walked off into the thick stuff.  Asking him, “Why didn’t you shoot”, his reply was a series of reasons why he didn’t shoot, mainly nerves I expect!

Within 5 minutes, an 8 pointer showed up and Sean was ready this time.  With very little coaching, BOOM, the .243 sounded off, I wasn’t expecting the shot so I didn’t see the buck jump, but he ran off behind the feeder at speed!  We waited the 15 minutes, they seemed very long, then we closed up the blind and walked to the feeder.

Good, there was a spot of blood and it looked like some lung mixed in, this wouldn’t be a long search.  We found the buck out in the open, the shot was right through the lungs and he hadn’t run less then 50 yards.  Here’s the picture with Sean smiling and his first buck.

Last Wednesday, hunting with Randy, he addled a buck, a nice one, at a friends place, knocked him down, but he jumped up and no worse for ware ran off.  Addled was the word we used because obviously, he hit a wire of the feeder and the shot must have glanced up to the horn area.  We searched and searched, but no buck, no blood trail either.  Going back on Thursday AM early, no sign and no blood from the buck, so I guess he wasn’t hit very bad!  My neighbor hunted for him Thursday morning also, no buck or, a good sign, no buzzards circling.

Then the bad weather hit, I was frozen in my place, ice on the roads, ice on my driveway, ice everywhere, but lucky for me no power outages, I was frozen in for 2 days.  No deer hunting either, way too cold.  During this cold snap the temps got below 10 degrees, too cold for me!

More Outdoors Pictures, December 10, 2013

The first buck just jumped over the fence to the feeder.  The feeder went off and he just had to get some corn and protein.

We’ll continue with a real nice 3-1/2 year old buck, he’s a 7 pointer now, but in a year or 2 he’ll be a 10 or 12!  He came right up to the feeder and jumped over the closed gate, caused by the Barbary, Sheep you know.  They’ll eat anything and they mop up on the protein that’s mixed in with the corn
These 2 sheep just showed up one day and are still hanging around.  I’ve closed the gates to the feeders, maybe that will stop them!

Funny thing, this yearling deer is all bowed up at the 10 pointer outside the feeder.  There is a good 8 feeding inside, but on the outside this little one is getting in trouble.  The 10 on the outside looks just as big as the 142-6/8 buck I shot on the November 8th.

An 8, point buck showed up at the feeder with a 2, pointed brow tine.  He’s just 3-1/2 years old now and he’ll be a real good one at 4-1/2 or 5-1/2.  Maybe the corn/protein mix has something to do with it?
Then a nice 8 pointer 3-1/2 also, showed up at the feeder.  He’ll be a good one too!