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Things that get “mulled” over.

The Way I See Things

Once my Dad told me, “Boy, don’t worry about today’s bad hunt. Just remember, if it was easy each time out, it would be called “shooting” instead of “hunting”.

I have enjoyably hunted and fished for well over sixty years and have tried to pass on to my sons and daughters, now to my grandchildren, that it is not the shooting or killing, but the chance to be out of doors and enjoy all of the creatures that God has placed on our planet.

I was surprised, having heard of Spikes coming in to “rattling”, but had not seen it before. I can only hope that I don’t rattle up a big cat!

We tried not to take “pilgrims” offshore fishing.

We’re going to beat this storm in to the launch ramp.

Now dressed as locals, Wrangler Jeans, cowboy boots and ball caps we should fit right in.

Another bad idea forced upon us by a politically correct government.

It is funny how first impressions are, so many times, correct.

Two hunting lease rules; one, if you are getting on a new hunting lease, you should know all of the members and, two, the rules should be clearly spelled out!

Sometimes we do things that get in the way of really important things like fishing.

Wow, I thought, I must be in the eye of the hurricane right now. That makes three for me!

My fourth ground zero, introduction to a tornado. This one was too close!

When you’re shooting at rising birds with a shotgun always allow them time gain some space from you. Don’t be “greedy” and take close “easy” shots.

My boss told me that in the summer he thought my car smelled like old softball clothes and in the winter, like rice field mud.

When a large number of birds will fly over you, pick out a one and shoot him, before you get on the next one. Don’t shoot randomly into the “pack”.

Think of the freedom, we sometimes take for granted, to have the time and resources to be able to travel and enjoy our great outdoors! What a great country!

When saltwater fishing, never tie, always loop.

There were so many birds the answer was more hunters, not over limit shooting.

A while back, that gas well blew up and rearranged everything. We call it the Blow Out Hole now. Good fishing in the winter. I thought, So that’s why I never saw another boat fishing there.

Sometimes I am a slow learner, and once again tried to out run a big storm and failed.

If state records interest you, most times the state will keep the fish, and you can’t eat it.

No orange sauce for this Texas boy, we bar-b-qued all of the ducks that night, with a spicy, hot sauce and they were wonderful!

Who ever thought of Bull Frogs on a Deer lease?

I’m really lucky that the Cow didn’t step on all four of the decoys!

I am sure that while writing about Deer hunting, I will feel compelled to add a recipe for fried Duck breast.