“The Legend” Passes The Test

Pictured is a west Texas desert mule deer taken with “The Legend”, Warren Blesh’s 22.250. The mulie scored 165 B&C and was taken on the Caddo Gage Ranch. Warren mentioned to me after he shot his Colorado mulie with a 25.06, see “{The ‘Bull’ Goes To Colorado}”, that he would like to get one with “The Legend”, a 22.250.

In Warren’s words, ““The Legend” met it’s toughest match this past week. We faced vast rough country and very elusive desert mulies. Mondays weather was 70 degrees and winds out of the south at 30mph. Tuesday morning, in our assigned ‘pasture’ of 14,000 acres, we saw lots of young bucks.”

“Around noon the weather changed to a hard norther with winds 30 mph from the north and rain turning to snow. I was intimidated by the hard hunting, hard weather and this was far more hunt than I had planned for “The Legend”.”
“My guide and I spotted this big mulie chasing a few does. The wind was howling and I had to take my first shot from the pick up. The pick up shook, the Legend fired and I must have missed. Oh my!”
“The next shot rang out as my guide said keep firing. The next shot a solid mid section shot. Then, I remembered that my buddy in Colorado had told me that a high shoulder shot would take any mulie down. So, my next shot was high shoulder. The buck took a fall and both me and “The Legend” passed out from exhaustion!”